Long Wait At SM TicketNet Outlet

Even if I was already in SM Pampanga last Sunday, I had to go to there again yesterday just to claim and buy the ticket I’d reserved last Monday. I was initially planning to get the ticket at SM Baliuag but TicketNet has still no outlet in the said mall. So together with my Mom, my aunt and her daughter, we went to Pampanga around lunchtime.

Doing a reservation at TicketNet (Computerized Ticketing Network) was pretty convenient for me. Though 1-day reservation period seemed too short, at least the customers have the chance to get a slot before buying the actual ticket at any TicketNet outlet within the next 24 hours. Having SM TicketNet outlets at different SM branches is a good thing also. Customers could just go to the nearest outlet to buy their tickets. Well, that’s what I thought at first. But after going through a rough day at the outlet yesterday, I don’t think all the outlets are ready for it.

So I went to the SM Customer Service around 1pm to get my ticket. I was asked to wait as their computer was still connecting to the Internet. I decided to leave and just go back after waiting for 30 minutes. Still with no luck, the CSAs were still trying to connect when I got back. They aren’t always online and just connect to the Internet when there is a customer buying a ticket. They said they only connect by chance with their dial-up connection. Knowing all of these, I almost lose hope as I waited for another hour while the CSAs couldn’t do anything for us, relying everything on their computer and connection.

Aside from the issues described earlier, the CSAs had to consult their superior on how things work on SM TicketNet. They seemed not knowledgeable enough with the system they’re using in the ticket sales. They were trying to partly blame the TicketNet for the errors their getting from the TicketNet Logon System installed in their machines. Based on what I saw, they were both responsible for this. SM has a slow, unreliable connection while TicketNet system is making the process slower and inefficient with their outdated system.

It was my first time but it wasn’t a good experience at all. I had a very rough day yesterday and I almost gave up my reservation. This happened to the outlet at SM Pampanga only. I do not know if other outlets do things in a similar way but I do hope every outlet would invest on a good, fast, reliable and efficient connection and ticketing system. Maybe next time, I would think twice if I would go to the same outlet if ever I have to buy another ticket again.




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